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Mountain View

Some of us think we might be a puddle on an infinite plain
full of puddles with endless resources, maybe even other
civilizations being hidden from each other, including us.

Some believe we are in an enclosed system,
like a peatrie dish with no way out.

Nobody believes we are on a disc floating through space.
The majority of us believe we are on a stationary plain
and everything revolves around us, just as it seems.

We might eventually discover that we were all wrong
But one truth that has been established is that we're
not on a ball!

All of us truth seekers know this sounds stupid. We were all
indoctrinated by the same school system into accepting everything
the government taught us as truth. But as someone recently said,
it's not as if we just woke up one day and thought, "what can I
do to lose all my friends,maybe my job and appear completely
Insane to the point where I've esentially committed social
suicide? I know! I'll pretend as if I discovered Earth is flat!"