The "Flat Earth society" as prescribed by the White House during the Obama administration is disinformation. The Flat Earth society use nonsense ideas like earth being a disc flying upward at the speed of gravity to throw people off of the idea that the earth is flat.

We are on a motionless plain. Earth may be infinite, like they claim space to be. We are not moving just as it seems and are at the bottom of whatever this system is...

Mountain View

Flat Earth Websites:

Atlantean Conspiracy



Strangers Guide to Flat Earth

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation A Flat Earth Documentary by Hibbeler

The Truth in Plane Sight (2018)

International Fake Station

China's Fake Space Walk


Foucault Pendulum Debunked


Truth in Movies/Satire



Nathan Oakley - The Flat Earth Debate


Street Activism:

Authentic Intent

Beyond the Imaginary Curve

John Smith - Globe Lie



ODD Reality


Short But Sweet Truth:

David Weiss

Sunsets on Flat Earth

Flat Earth & the Fisheye Lens

Flat Earth in Movies & TV Shows



The Flat Earth Podcast




Eric Dubay - Once You Go Flat

Flat Earth Man - No Photographs of Earth


Special Effects:

Grid Blue Screen Explained


NASA Lies:

All NASA satellites are just floating on balloons at or above 120,000 feet.

It's a shame people believe this "fly by" over Pluto is real. People are so critical about graphics when it comes to video games but when NASA releases anything, it's taken as gospel.

NASA Caught Faking Space: Sunita Williams in Zero G Plane

NASA Permed Hair for Fake Space

NASA Caught Using Green Screen: Busted!

The Dark Origin of NASA



News is Propaganda - Open Your eyes

Elon Musk is a Total Fraud


Disinformation/Fake News:

The "Australia Doesn't Exist" Deception - Created by The Flat Earth Society


Research Flat Earth Billboard



The repeal of the Smith-Mundt act of 1948 during the Obama administration is the reason we shouldn't believe anything we see on television.

The repeal of the Smith-Mundt act (Anti-Propaganda law) @


Other Truths:

Dinosaurs Never Existed

Dr. Bill Warner - Political Islam

Jesus and the many identical gods before him


Balloons in Space

First balloon satellite (1960)

Auguste Piccard was exploring the skies by way of helium filled balloons in the early 1900's. _______________________________


Types of Balloons

Scientific Balloon FAQ

What if everything we see in the sky are non-physical, meteorological phenomenon caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light - like rainbows? Some claim the blue sky above is a result of a less dense type of water above us - just like they say there is heavy water that sinks below regular water.

Underwater Lake

Underwater Lake 2

Heavy Water (That Sinks Below Regular Water)



Antarctic Treaty System This is why "we" can't just go to the edge: the Antarctic Conservation Act, Public Law 95-541, 16 U.S.C. ยง 2401 et seq., provides civil and criminal penalties for the following activities, unless authorized by regulation or statute: Entry into specially protected or scientific areas Violation of the Antarctic Conservation Act carries penalties of up to US$10,000 in fines and one year in prison. The Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, Transportation, and the Interior share enforcement responsibilities. The Act requires expeditions from the U.S. to Antarctica to notify, in advance, the Office of Oceans and Polar Affairs of the State Department, which reports such plans to other nations as required by the Antarctic Treaty.


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